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 YouTube Forum Rules & Suggestions

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PostSubject: YouTube Forum Rules & Suggestions   Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:07 am

NOTE: There are only 9 basic rules & a few suggestions at all of our YouTube Fans-forums. These are the ones to remember. Please complain if you don't like the rules. We would appreciate it if you would make your own set of rules & ask us to adopt them (if necessary).

Suggestion: Enable HTML at this website by doing the next 4 tasks.
1. Go to Profile
2. Click Preferences
3. Select "Always allow HTML" on the Preferences page.
4. Click Save

Permanent Forum-Rules:
1. Don't share personal information like your physical-location or post images of your face in this forum-section, unless you want to do so.

2. Keep your avatar-size at 150px by 150px or smaller.

3. If you have account(s) at either: Twitter, Shout'Em, and/or LinkedIn, please post contact-information like that in this forum.

4. Try to connect with kind people on the internet (our members), who seem to share the same business or social-goals as you do.

5. Embed a live-chatroom in your forum-thread(s) for your visitors, in case you want instant feedback about your posts in this forum.

6. Don't embed your chatroom in your forum-signature. You're welcome to insert a link to your chatroom(s) & your forum-thread(s) in your signature.

7. Don't post links to porn or content that will likely be viewed as "offensive" to parents of young children at this site.

8. Don't double-post in anyone of our members' forum-thread (especially ones featuring chatrooms), unless there hasn't been any comments made in their or your thread for over 12 hours.

9. Put the following code & address under your video/channel links at this forum-site:

YouTube Forum-Channel for Fans:
[url=]YouTube Forum-Channel for Fans[/url]
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YouTube Forum Rules & Suggestions
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